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Thursday 9th November 2017


just called the customer service for a problem on my bill but i wish they were more direct and honest i understnd they are doing their job and have to follow protocol but it's like, seriously dude, who was born yesterday? definitely not me and you so why don't we drop the act and get [..more..]

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danger zone

its me an him its probably better not to wedge between us or try to take one of us away or both of us away because between us theres no body better and sorry for every causing confusion its better this way peace.

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oh Come OONN!!

Can anybody stay on schedule ESPECIALLY when they set it up there selves?!?!?! Gaaawwd daaaamm. I wouldn’t advise anybody to work with these guys. I will not be here for long!

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Wednesday 8th November 2017

hey doc

just wanted to drop in and tell you that your advice for going to bed early yesterday was definitely what was necessary. i feel a lot better now and it seems like i am halfway out of the dark hole. thanks much, i really appreciate all that you have done. you have also fine hardworking [..more..]

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Please, be honest to me. Whatever, leave me alone. Whatever, don't talk to me. Whatever, don't try to pretend to be honest. Whatever, don't make me exhausted. Whatever, don't make me complicated.

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Whatever, whatever, whatever……………. I'm the only one.

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i miss you. i don't want anyone else but you. i think it's because i need you but i don't like that i need you, it makes me feel needy, it makes me feel not enough to function alone. or at least survive life the way it is. i am reconciling stuff inside.

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hi doc

thank you for taking the time yesterday. i am still a little offish. but i can feel a true healing. i think it's been me all along, i am really trying to work things out, of what and why was bothering me so much and how i can alleviate the associated symptoms. i don't think [..more..]

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Tuesday 7th November 2017


I need somebody that understands me

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Monday 6th November 2017

hi doc

somtimes i don't feel anything, other times too much, the times i don't feel are scary cos i think or i feel like i must hvae posed something on myself. that might prevent me from moving forth. other times, i wonder if it's not the time yet, like ther's an internal adjustment to self realization

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