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Saturday 30th December 2017

This girl

I’m a 18 year old guy in high school and I’m pretty smart, athletic, I’ve been told I’m funny, and a attractive guy. So I like this girl but I can’t tell if she likes me I flirt with her and we hangout but only in groups. There’s never any real signs if she likes [..more..]

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anybody out there?

I'm super confused and need some advice.I'm in the final semester of my bachelor's degree and a life science student.I'm getting really worried about which stream to choose for further studies. Which stream has more scope in biological sciences? I'm actually ok with zoology,microbiology,botany and even biochemistry and biotechnology to some extent.can anybody please suggest [..more..]

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jewish novni admins cant stand whatever write ups

so butthurt as they deleting everything.

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Friday 29th December 2017

I Think God Can Explain Lyrics

There's a lot of things I understand And there's a lot of things that I don't want to know But you're the only face I recognize It's so damn sweet of you to look me in the eyes It's alright, I'm O.K. I think God can explain I believe I'm the same I get caried [..more..]

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Thursday 28th December 2017


I tried getting my so called husband to talk I even left work early cause I was concerned about him being depressed so he claims when I got home he was watching basketball game. All he wanted to do was give attitude and throw out how he couldn't trust me if his life depended on [..more..]

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the person I live with doesn't have any peace so therefore there's no peace in the home or what should be home is just pure hell. Every vacation that we have gone on has been a complete disaster the next one is gonna be a good vacation cause I'm going alone I want to know [..more..]

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No matter what I do My husband has a complaint. Washing cloths, doing the dishes, or just putting them in the dish washer. everything I do is wrong I can do no nothing right ever. I'm accused of everything that goes wrong in his life he has verbally, mental, and physically abuse me. On occasion [..more..]

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I tried again with my ex, and since we're both visiting family we haven't seen each other in a couple weeks. I feel like as soon as I left him, he just went back to doing all the things he did before, the things I told him I didn't like, he just gets high and [..more..]

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last night

I drowned my dog in the bathtub. I loved it. I saw the terrified look in his eyes as I held his body underwater. he was trying so hard to get air. I think I might be a serial killer.

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Wednesday 27th December 2017

I live in a nightmare

I live in a nightmare. I have to work for my brother who hates me under threat of ending in the street. He won't let me graduate and find another job and keeps abusing me. I have to work all day for nothing, verbally and psychologically abused by his employees. The town mayor gets my [..more..]

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