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Thursday 10th August 2017


Волео бих да пробам ово

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Life is life

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Knock knock!

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Wednesday 9th August 2017


Learning how to love again is like having to learn how to breathe. Something that used to come so natural and so easy has now become a constant struggle Taking a single breath becomes a physical action that needs thought. Inhaling perfectly clean and safe air becomes terrifying because the fear of exhaling and losing [..more..]

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Have you ever wondered why Jason Linett and Sean Michael Andrews (real name Don Patterson) are so tight? Years ago, Jason Linett would regularly perform fellatio on Sean Michael Andrews in exchange for instruction in hypnosis. That is how their relationship began and evolved. Sean Michael Andrews’ (Don Patterson) wife never knew and Jason’s wife [..more..]

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To the Heart I Broke..

I loved you I truly did. You may not believe me when I say this but I broke my own heart while breaking yours. I didn't mean for things to go the way they did. I thought I meant every I love you and every forever I ever said. I thought for sure I would [..more..]

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To whoever reads this

You may be hurting right now, you may be feeling under the weather. You may be depressed, suicidal, anorexic and so on. But remember that I CARE ABOUT YOU. I care about you and i would love to get to know you. I care about your lives. You are important and you made my day. [..more..]

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you torn my heart into pieces

I gave you 10 years of my life just for you to shatter it . I forgave you, just for to break my heart again 30 days later. I still again gather my broken pieces to make a model of a heart and forgave you. With all this heart break you tried to make me [..more..]

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let me try this

Let me try this. let me try, just one more time. Please let me try, but please understand i am broken, bruised, and a little worn out. Let me show you what i can do. Stand by me and be patient with my love. I will try and i will keep trying. Let me do [..more..]

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How to get Rich

Simple Mantras There are only 2 ways to get rich 1) Give your service to as many people as possible. 2) Give different services to few people. At your Regular work. You only give one service to one entity. That's why never get rich doing that. By : Vikas Shetty Mysore- 570016

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