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Sunday 12th November 2017

If you made this site..

To whoever made this site. You are my saviour…thank you!

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Saturday 11th November 2017


i done know kung gano na ba kalaki kasalanan ko at ayaw mong mag usap tayo para maayos na to. nahihirapan ako selfish kasi sakin lang tong sinusulat ko. sorry nasasaktan kita sorry dinadown ko lahat ng tinatanong mo be it kelangan ko o kung gusto ko naiinis ako. its my way. yun lang ba [..more..]

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what eve is life

Ive come to this stage in my life where i just feel so empty and emotionless. i feel so tired like even to wake up to go to school is such a struggle i cant do it. i dont want to be here anymore. like i wish i could die temporarily or like escape somewhere [..more..]

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Inside joke

bad edit.

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i really usually don't do stuff like this. it just isn't my nature. i've always been the one to have my makeup done perfectly and my nails long and bright. i listen to rap and smoke weed and act like i don't give a f***. but i'm at the point where i don't know what [..more..]

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Friday 10th November 2017

Again seriously?

Hi so my name is clearly anonymous. Nice to meet you I have written here once before. And just like back then I have fallen in love again but instead of getting rejected I kept my distance because I thought it would hurt less. Yeah so that was stupid, turns out falling in love is [..more..]

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you came when it was convenient. you had secrets. didn't tell me. i was delusional that you played with my emotions to your liking. wanna save me. be the one to tame me. make u look good. but what about me? perhaps i just simply wanna be accepted for who i am. you, i hate [..more..]

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Do you ever feel like losing weight after a dance workout? (raises hand) MEEEEEEE!!!!!! Even though you're still on your Day 2. I'm feeling sexy already. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I snorted…….. #ICANDOTHIS #FEELINGPOSITIVE #PARTOFSELFIMPROVEMENT

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Thursday 9th November 2017

: )

i don't harm myself and i never will but if i skydive and i forgot my parachute i would just accept that it's the end of my life.

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Mixed vibes

I don't want to push the person away but something tells me I have to, it makes me feel so queasy. Unsure of what to do. I wonder what the f*** is the person intentions, I find it very odd and I hate that.

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