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Saturday 9th September 2017

Why haven’t you

Regardless of how I feel in the end, it won't change you at all. I don't strive to be with a perfect person. I'm not perfect myself. All I want is to feel like I matter, that we matter. To see you go above and beyond like never before. And yet one year later I'm [..more..]

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For sure

I know I am a sentimental fool misfit for the ruthless world.i feel hurt with petty things.

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Friday 8th September 2017


The hardest part is knowing that you are the reason to someones sadness, especially when you realise that you promised yourself to never hurt that person..

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Stupid Sister

I know I might sound like a bratty little sister that doesn't get her way, but I don't care. One year ago my mom, sister and I moved into New York City. My sister got an office chair, and I didn't. THAT ENTIRE YEAR I SPENT ASKING FOR A CHAIR, so it's no wonder why [..more..]

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if you were honest , this is what youd Really say to me….

you get one day out of possibly quite some months to feel special…the rest of the time , im just too busy to care , show that i care or know you exsist i dont see your kindness as a good thing , i see that as a threat i cant wrap my small mind [..more..]

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Tomorrow will surely be a nightmare

I don't want to think about the future, near or distant. Thinking about all the bad things that will surely happen make me so anxious, so sad, so lost. I'm anxious even before anything has happened. but I know myself. I know I will mess things up, I know I'll fail. I know I'll never [..more..]

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I was hungry in the evening when I asked mom to cook something.My mom always shouts and that is normal to us.Abnormal is when she don't shouts so you can figure out how much tensed environment my home have.Anyway I wanted dinner and I went downstairs to find food and saw everyone just ate I [..more..]

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According to my mom and sister my dad was a bad person but he was nice to and dad separated when I was 8 years old.i miss him mom had an affair with an elderly man,father of 4 kids.My sister married one of his son thinking this marriage would end mom and that [..more..]

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Thursday 7th September 2017

A Metaphor Of My Life.

Imagine being up there alone in dead space. Waiting. Hoping. Wishing, that someone or something will find you. Some days you're absolutely certain it's going to happen. One day soon you'd say, you'd even actually convince yourself for awhile. Other days, you know it's never going to happen so you make the most of it [..more..]

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This is so odd I know I'm talented and smart but never show it at all to anyone in fact always deprecate myself. But when look at a LinkedIn profile which is not half as good as my work experience I just become so insecure. This is ridiculous. All the companies I have worked with [..more..]

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