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Wednesday 15th November 2017


i am not in love. and i don't want to be. i am not planning on marrying or having kids. i also no longer have sexual desires. it's like a part of me is complete. i feel free from earthly desires. my love reaches beyond these limited views.

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Tuesday 14th November 2017

self respect

you know, how some people have trolled others making them believe that this is their reality? you know how those people have become docile through years, and then deep down inside they know what heppend, but somehow they don't wanna admit it? because they would rather think the good of people? you know how some [..more..]

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Thank you

for the words of encouragement, now I know what to do. I didn't even realize that I really needed to hear those words from the care of unconditionally giving complete strangers. Seriously, a cash register operator or a nurse who's not even assigned to help you can change your world with one word. One look, [..more..]

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You ignited a fire within, captured my souls attention, my mind and body were yours…so you took me, used me, toyed with me, and threw me away. You think I didn’t noticed time and time again…those wandering eyes of yours…thank you…thank you for showing me, thank you for preparing me for next time…I love you [..more..]

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So tired

I’m drowning in seems there’s always something to “pops” just when I finally get a handle on it. I’m not declaring babkruptcy…I just need to get ahead of this. That’s why I took a second job! But then something “pops” up…the kids need new shoes, my tooth was killing, the fees for school starting [..more..]

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my love

i love you still i miss you babe it seems to me our love wont ever cease to leave i often dream of our our lips would feel pressed against each other and take in your scent as if you were here.

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Monday 13th November 2017

nice try

birds of summer, just because you chirp this morning doesn't mean i am gonna suddenly believe it's not fall/winter. chirp away anyway though. it's nice to hear the myriad nature of diverse life.

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i don't know if anyone else does this but sometimes i speak to myself out loud just to hear me speak . i like my voice.

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There are too many sad, down and depressing messages here. Life can be hard sometimes, for most of us, challenging and troublesome. Please don't feel lonely. Love everything about yourselves. You got this! All will be well and in time, the sun will shine again. You are all beautiful, wonderful people. Put your passions where [..more..]

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I’m sorry

I'm sorry I suck. I don't think I was born a loser, I made myself this way and I'm sorry.

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