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Wednesday 16th August 2017


i'm really lost i don't know what should i do i'm really stuck and i don't know how to tell the truth to my family it may look that my issue is easy but right now i see it so big especially that my family expect to mch from me .

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Dear God,

Are you really there? If you were, why are you letting this happen to me? Why would you look down and just watch? You know i need your help, yet you do nothing. Have I done something wrong? Talk to me! Tell me what to do. Tell me how to fix everything. Because, right now [..more..]

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Short hair

Many people think i am crazy, mad, dumb, foolish to cut my long silky hair over night without telling anyone. The fact that i haven't informed my parents at age of 17 before taking "SUCH A HUGE DECISION" makes everyone feel that i have crossed my line. Everyone thinks it's nothing beyond fashion. No one [..more..]

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Tuesday 15th August 2017


"Insert Name Here" whyyyy?! do I have to like you soo much that it hurts… sometimes crush can leaves you with butterflies in the stomach but also a broken heart..

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The thought of love..well, for me the word love has always been a title. a thing that coudlnt define a real persons connection for one another. something that could be easily fixed when losing that person. but when life hits you in the face, you realize its much harder than that. In the beginning of [..more..]

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Monday 14th August 2017


"Love cannot live where there is no trust." -Cupid to Psyche I just want to see him smile again. Is that too much to ask? He's my best friend, my brother, and my love… how am I supposed to sit still while looking at him handling his problems? I like him, but he keeps on [..more..]

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i love you

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i love you

i love you. i want to be able to say it out loud. i cant. but i love you. i think i really do. i love you. i love you. i want it to be ok. love should not be a crime. i cant say it to you. i can hardly say it to my [..more..]

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i love you

i feel like a burden. i feel like even though i know that what i feel is valid i am doing something wrong. i love you and i just want to love you without feeling like im breaking some law when i think about you. i want our relashionship to feel right when i'm alone [..more..]

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Ill go my own way

I found love in 2016. It almost been a year since that day. But im giving you up. I realize that you're not the one for me. You're perfect. Great. Supportive. You deserve nothing but love. But i cannot give it to you. Im not the one for you.

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