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Monday 5th March 2018


I just need to let this out, my heart hurts. No this isn't about heartbreak, maybe not the kind you are thinking of. My heart just hurts, am I mad, I think I'm mad. I hate my stepdad a lot. Like It's really bad, I know I should love him. But it's so f***ing hard. [..more..]

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Introvert meet that guy

So how did I, someone who’s super self conscious, doesn’t show off, is super nervous naked and all that socially awkward introvert stuff…get to be dating a guy with a several thousand follower porn tumblr blog who videos for cash and s***? The f*** did I do to get here? I dont know what to [..more..]

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Sunday 4th March 2018



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Kita terus jerit Heiii Najib Pergiii…(MAMPOSSS!!!) Saya tak kata, dia yang kata…(HAHAHHAHAHA)

"Saya ingat dia isi menteri-menteri dia dengan dedak, sampai bisu pi. Masuk dalam mulut nak cakap macam mana? Masuk dalam telinga pekak, masuk dalam mata butaaa, Masuk dalam mulut tak boleh cakaaap,… Masuk dalam hidung, mampoiiihhh…" -Tun Dr. Mahathir-

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Don’t be stuck with a loser!

remember that one person who you thought you would do everything for? who you were loyal to despite all the haters? Remember how much it hurt when the haters were all right about that person? Remember the times you broke down because of the unbearable pain of betrayal? How everything seemed to be against you? [..more..]

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Mach 3th

Its been a while that I have been searching on the internet to find somewhere to write, to express my feeling. at first I thoughts it would be a good idea to create a blog but after I searched a lot, I realized it wouldn't be as easy as I thought! so I surfed again, [..more..]

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Saturday 3rd March 2018

Uncomfortable with myself

Life is not easy, and obviously being a teenager in this world is not easy either. I get a lot of anxiety attacks and when I get them i want to do something good, like writing down what I feel and I how I feel. I can be happy one second and the other one [..more..]

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Need to Find a New Home

It's pretty sad to depart a home that you've had so much memories in. We're getting evicted and we have a couple of months left. I'm trying to keep my cool about it but really, it pains me to have to leave the place i once called home. It pains me to think that i'll [..more..]

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Under Control

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