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Tuesday 12th April 2011

My trip down South was good but not…. Good because it gave me time away from here but not because it didnt include you…. I didnt even see you although I did do a couple of drive bys wishing you would come out just at that moment but then scared in case you did…..I cant [..more..]

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I just want you to remember me and love me,,,,, Call or write me please(((((((((((

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Monday 11th April 2011

I’m so scared of life. I feel like if i never wanna leave my mom and dad. I love them so much. I don’t want them to die. Every time i think of growing up it makes me wanna cry. Even more when we live in a world where you are judged by your appearance. [..more..]

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Sunday 10th April 2011

You say you feel tired and depressed and you haven’t done any work when you blatantly have, you say that you get really s*** grades when you actually get A*s in pretty much every subject. You say you have no friends and that no one likes you… To you being tired I say “welcome to [..more..]

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What happens with meeeee??? I don’t know,,,,, I can’t live in this way,,,,, I want him to call meeeee(((( He has’t called me yet today. I wait for him. I want to call myself, but I can’t. Pleaseeeee caaaaall meeeeeeee. Help me my Dear GOD.

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Am I scared of sex? Am I just that kind of guy who would rather be left alone? Do I even want to be a sexual being? I want to let it all out and fling myself into the world of bareback, but at the same time I just see myself dying, mentally and physically. [..more..]

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Saturday 9th April 2011

Haha; so about 70 of you got drunk last night and now your showing off that you did that by going on Facebook and being all like ‘Aw, dude I’m sorry I slapped you last night, I was a bit pissed’ or ‘man i’m so hungover after last night’ I DON’T CARE!! NOBODY CARES!!! stop [..more..]

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Hi, I’m Lilith,,,,, I don’t know what happens wiht me,,,,, I can’t eat, can’t breath, study,,,, I’m not sure, that I love him,,,,, I DON”T KNOW!!!!! Please help me Dear God,,,,,,,,,

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If you’re all angry at him don’t write it on is Facebook wall like f***ing idiots! Just say it to his face you pathetic people! putting it on his wall shows nothing of your apparent courageous efforts to embarrass someone… your all fails; man up and say whatever your trying to say to his face!

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