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Sunday 22nd May 2011

life is a term il never come to understand.. i dont understand this life wats the point behind it…were always hurtin….frustration confusion and agony cant seem to stay distant to me i can never come close to the term happiness and if i did it just never lasts life is tough and were only young [..more..]

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A friend has just disappointed me. For real. I mean she’s a very good friend for me, but the fact that she’s kissing with my roomie on my back even doe she knows he has a girlfriend. AHH it’s just, I’m not mad, well maybe a little bit. It’s just that it’s sad, it changes [..more..]

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i never thought that itd me easy becuz were both so distant now and the walls are closing in on us…and were driftin apart and u can see the look on my face, it just tears me apart..but we keep on fighting and we try and try and try so ts up to u and [..more..]

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you make it hard for me to breathe..

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I was wrongg for.. ever trusting you in the first place i dont know why you do that but it hurts you cant play with someone’s feeling just to have the satisfaction it gives. you knew i liked you a lot so u went on and lead me on and made the move just to [..more..]

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I feel so empty, its been more than 4 months…i miss him. i just wanna say the words to him. everytime i wanna talk to him something holds me backk and i just couldnt press enter. i dont know why i feel this way. all i know desperate for him i want him beside [..more..]

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I feel like I’m going insane, losing my mind over a girl I only talked to yesterday, and over the internet at that. I think I might have said something that sounded weird to her but didn’t realize it and I can’t stop thinking about it. Have I really become this desperate? Sent her a [..more..]

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Finally, i told him that i liked him, he is my friend a really close one, we met two years ago in college, on the way i started having some feelings, and those feelings have became more than liking, u know i started not putting my phone into silent mood when am a sleep and [..more..]

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I want to be friends with you again

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I just cant take it anymore. It’s overwelhming, and I just can’t f***ing breathe. All the walls they’re crushing down on me, and I’m falling. I can’t see the light, and I just want to go away. To talk to somebody, to let them know. But there isn’t anyone I can’t tell, anyone I want [..more..]

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