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Wednesday 8th December 2010

Dear Person, You hurt me so bad, but when we were done i missed you so bad… and then you had the nerve to ask my best friend out 2 days after we broke up… like really? i can tell every time you said i love you, you didnt mean one bit of it… but [..more..]

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I love you so much and it hurts. It really really hurts. So much, that sometimes I wish I’d never met you in the first place. I can’t tell you all this and you should never know.

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my mum is a c*** and siss

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Tuesday 7th December 2010

Why do i keep going back to him…. first time hurt… 2nd… more hurt…. 3rd hurt hurt hurt…. 4th… hurt… 5th hurt… when will i learn that everytime i try and help him and love him like i do he just pushes me away and does somthing that shatters my heart… but i go back… [..more..]

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Im slowly drowning in my own tears… please hurry and find an end… i cant take it any longer

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Sometimes I can’t breath. I feel constricted by my own stupid feelings. Basically, my Dad is really ill. I mean he’s dying. I seem to have an emotional block so I can’t talk to people about how I feel. I just pretend that everything is fine. Everyone thinks I’m so ‘strong’ as they put it [..more..]

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Monday 6th December 2010

Feeling disappointed…Again. Well what can i expect really? This has been happening for almost a whole year, why do i put myself through it? I’m not putting up with this anymore. My weakness is that I love too whole-heartedly. I need to be selfish for once so that he knows how its feels to be [..more..]

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i miss you so much. and i think you miss me too. like today, when we spoke and you said you were going to go to sleep and i told you i didnt want you to go and so you stayed and we talked for hours. and i know it was just a phone call [..more..]

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I Hate Nostalgia. It hurts me alot.

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i feel so alone. i miss you so f***ing much. and you’re all alone in a stupid mental hospital with people you don’t know, no contact with the outside world, and nobody to comfort you. the fact that you’re so miserably alone makes me feel more alone too. all i want is for you to [..more..]

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