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Wednesday 2nd March 2011

I feel sad when my friends left my side for someother person so he is so mad at me for so many reasons so if anyone reads this I hope u know what I’m feeling in my life. If u are thanks for reading this. Thank You very much

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why somebody like me couldn’t express her feels by writing.I even can’t share my feels by talking about them.maybe I don’t know even myself.or I’m a person without any senses…

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Tuesday 1st March 2011

in my life their is noone to be my friend but one person that is my best friend janea so if you read this anyone I will find out and I will kill u so dont read it or else f*** off for who reads this

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Sunday 27th February 2011

For four years i have known you. The first year we were friends, i got to know you and you got to know me. The second year you were like my brother. We were inseperable. At the begining of the Third year you dated my twin sister. It was a b**** to deal with. It’s [..more..]

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You say that you know me. You say that you know I’m depressed,… 2nd person: “who?”, HIm:”Marliyn”, 2nd person: “How do you know?” HIm:” I can tell she is. I just know it.” You stupid ignorrant, you don’t know me I’m not depressed. It’s just that I don’t want to involve myself in drama this [..more..]

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Saturday 26th February 2011

its kind of funny really, in a sad way, becuase we are the two broken sisters. we were spoiled, we were lucky, but it wasnt enough for either of us, we both got trapped inside our own heads. and mum and dad ran away from your probelsm but they cant run from mine. and i [..more..]

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I feel abandoned and alone I thought about you today and I thought how silly I felt still crying over the loss of my unborn child still months after :/ I try so much to live my life for you but I’m not happy. I haven’t felt true happiness in a while.

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Thursday 24th February 2011

I fear for them. For the way that they live. For the thaughts that circulate through their minds. I am scared of the world that they have created, an ideal place for them to hide. It feels like everyone around me shuts them selves away. They exaggerate because they have no idea how it feels. [..more..]

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Wednesday 23rd February 2011

I cut again today after promising not to made it a month.. I’m pathetic

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Sunday 20th February 2011

But you dont care, you have a new girl now. I feel like s***, you have lied to me, you think you are a honest man, i have thought so too, but i know now that you are a cheting and lying s***.

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