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Sunday 11th September 2011


Write your thoughts/feelings here…How am I supposed to put my feelings away. What are my feelings? I really don’t even know anymore. So lost and afraid. Do I love him or him? Maybe I have fallen out of love with both and am just around for my own security. Is love even real? What if [..more..]

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You know what, just stop talking to me. F***ing stop. It’s not fair, how come you’re so lucky? I’ve been f***ing forever alone for years and I don’t understand it. People tell me I’m pretty, I’m funny, I’m awesome but f*** it all, it doesn’t mean s***. Nobody. Seems. To. F***ing. Like. Me. I can’t [..more..]

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Saturday 10th September 2011


my house is chaotic, it always has been, but lately its just become unbearable. im 16 and i live with my parents, my 18 year old brother, whos off at college right now, my 23 year old sister and her 2 year old son, and my 26 years old brother and his 6 years old [..more..]

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Let’s just pretend we are not in love. Let’s just spend a good time together. You want me, i want you. And the whole world can stop spinning around for the moment. The flowing wind, the sound of the ocean, the silence of the night, the softness of the sand. The orgasm that we share [..more..]

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Friday 9th September 2011


I love my ex, and I feel like I can’t get near her without an awkward tension. We dated for over a year…And I feel like it’s all been thrown away because I couldn’t figure out that I wasn’t trying hard enough. I guess I never showed my appreciation. But the truth is, you don’t [..more..]

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Reach out to me; PLEASE. I just want someone to hold me and tell me it’s going to be ok, that I’m attractive, smart, skilled and talented. I’m not about to come to you and confess that I feel weak; you’d have to come to me, don’t be satisfied when I say “I’m fine”, persist; [..more..]

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Thursday 8th September 2011


Do you ever find yourself just wondering what’s next in your life. You look around you. You have lots of things but your just not happy. Family, friends, possessions. But you just don’t feel like you belong in this world. You find your life to be in a rut, going no where. You claim your [..more..]

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Monday 5th September 2011


Yesterday i told my bf that i really love him. Is the first time i ever say that no anyone. I was too scared to speak my feelings and knonw Im scared he doesnt feel the same way.

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I feel myself lonely, without those friends with I always spent time, I left my country for a semester, and during that semester i felt like i lost all that people that i considered friends, I came back and I’m exclude of everything, I really want to have friends, I want to go out like [..more..]

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I hate when you do an small mistake that wasn’t even your fault and you lose a lot for that. It’s not my fault and I feel like total crap…

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