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Thursday 27th October 2011


What am I supposed to do? My boyfriend, I feel like I need to break up with him, he is so clingy and I don’t feel the same as I did at the begining. He has changed so much. I don’t know how to tell him I only want to be friends without it feeling [..more..]

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Wednesday 26th October 2011


Sitting here thinking about you and the tears start to flow…. I know i ask myself a million times and I know I say it a trillion more but why why cant we be together.. My love for you is strong and real and I just dont want to go on without you anymore….. No [..more..]

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well surprise surprise you met up with me this morning….. I got to where you are staying and i waited a couple of minutes and you came over and we talked for 15 mins before you had to leave for breakfast… It was just general chit chat nothing too exciting lol….. bit hard when your [..more..]

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I never wanted to be in the middle, yet here I am; In-between two of my best friends… I admit, one of them I’ve know since I was 5 and the other one since I was 13 but still… She went and kissed him when he’s with her best friend. And now I’m stuck between [..more..]

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there is this guy in my school, he is supperr cute!! or shuld i sat hott!! but he is rude to people who arent “popular”.. im in the popular group…so its all good for me.. but he can be a real jerk to kids who dont have what it takes.. please help me to decide [..more..]

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Tuesday 25th October 2011


well I messaged you and I am going up to meet you in the morning…. Lets see what happens….. DMF <3

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so your up here… yes I know you saw me….. lets see if you get in touch…. MLD<3DMF

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i just love people….they all are so awesome…i never found anyone bad in my whole life….some people are different but they are cool in their own way. Love you all….love this world and life 🙂

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I’ met this kid in 8th grade.. & ever since we first kissed I feel like I fell in love with him, I haven’t stopped thinking about him since.. I’m 18 now. It’s never been anything serious.. I feel like. We talk here and there… & hang out once in a blue.. Mess around a [..more..]

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Im starting to like a close friend. ever since we first talked i just like had a connection with him that never went away. but the thing is hes leaving for the military next year. im so scared. Nick i dont want you to leave, im falling for you. im scared for another relationship.. maybe [..more..]

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