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Monday 31st October 2011


dear best friend, youre selfish. i cant do it anymore. youre flaky and unreliable. i deserve much better. i just feel bad for you. good luck finding someone better than me. -S

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I wish i could tell everyone in the entire world that they are beautiful. everyone deserves to be called beautiful everyday their smile is the most vaulable thing you could ask for

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What thoughts? What feelings? I only have one and that is pain. Life is not worth living anymore. My job is screwing me over, my parents hate me because I am ruining their life, I lost all my friends and what ones I have are graduating and my best friend who I love so much [..more..]

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Sunday 30th October 2011


All my friends seem to be ignoring me..well the ones i thought were closest to me. Idk if they deserve all of my excessive attention from me if all i get is nothing in return! Then they get all mad because i don’t talk to them!!? I’m in the process of rethinking my bestfriends. By [..more..]

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Write your thoughts/feelings here…i am 31 years old and i feel very trapped and alone. i have to support my entire family. my mom brothers and sister, her baby and a few other people. in order to support them i have to stay with a man who treats me like i am dirt. when my [..more..]

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I have a feeling I will be forever alone. All those around me have already found their love or dated at least once except me.. I’m 15. I find myself quite attractive and get compliments on Omegle and social sites, where I talk to people I know, who live far away. They’ve asked me to [..more..]

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I hate how i have no one to talk to… im always alone

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Saturday 29th October 2011


Tom and lucy little stood on the roof of the Biggs house.They watched cousin Dinkys glider climb high into the sky and disappear beyond the trees.A minute before, they had seen cousin Dinky zoom dowm anddrop alettr into the Biggs’ s chimney. the was the way the little family always got th this was the [..more..]

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ilove to go to school becaose is velr good fo me and ilike to sing becaose is velr god and ilke dance. and ilove my family and ilove school like my best frend amira and ezebela and ilike too pleopoe for schooand like my mom and my dady

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being told to ‘go die’ hurts even when it’s just a joke. especially after you thought you were beginning to overcome the suicidal feelings you’ve been having for months.

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