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Monday 22nd August 2011


Some time ago a dear friend of mine said…all men are pigs. Most just want a mommy to take care of them with one benefit they wouldn’t fathom with their own dear mum. I thought, well surely not ALL men can be pigs. Well I stand corrected. And I truly believe that her words of [..more..]

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Sunday 21st August 2011


come on Get up come on I am waiting for you and you are still sleeping why I am here worry about but you are nt showing any reaction why why? then she replied why you are distrubing then I said -cuz I love you

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Zach and I looked really cute as a couple, and I don’t care if it’s over. I still feel that way.

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Write your thoughts/feelings here… I miss my nana anyone know how im feeling ??

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Saturday 20th August 2011


a whole bunch of b****es livin in dis f***in house especially meh stupid son of a b**** brother and d b**** herself meh TOTALLLY B****Y B****Y F***IN mother. they are the worse. meh fada pretty bad 2 bt he doh boda me so……4 d last few days i duz always want 2 cry an meh [..more..]

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Stop here… I said stop here.what is wrong with you.. Look at me .!!!! Just look at me.!!! Aaaahh……….. I have No words for describing to yourself…… I just thought about yourself….you are very ambitious lady… You can do all that types of works which we never want to touch it.. You always want to [..more..]

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Thursday 18th August 2011


I don’t know why I do this, but I allow myself to get depressed. To become so hung up on other people’s outer appearances and lives that I look back on mine with hatred and disgust and feel nothing but inferiority. It’s not like this all the time- I often have moments of happiness and [..more..]

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seriously how do u tell ur mate u like them and want more than friends when were both shy???

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Wednesday 17th August 2011



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Tuesday 16th August 2011


the time i wispered “gosh i love you” the first time we were alone and you were singing to me . keeps playing through my head im wondering if you heard me?

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