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Thursday 11th August 2011


I kind of dont feel real anymore … i feel like one night i’ll go to sleep and then ill just wake up and a new life will be waiting for me. But isnt that Death? Will i just move on and my soul will pass to another body? what i dont understand is that [..more..]

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I’m really young, right now I’m only 16. The thing is, is that i feel like every opportunity i once had has kind of flown by me and now I’m left to just drift alone with the regret of not seizing love, life,laughter, and a future. I have a few close friends and i love [..more..]

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I feel like im putting too much thought into this.. i wont read what you put until im done because i dont want it to change what im writing. i still remember, freshman year, around november i think. i told you how you could have anyone you wanted. and you told me “well when you [..more..]

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wow.. you really are writing a lot and everything!! I feel the same way honestly why the hell else would I want to be your friend so bad!! just being close to you makes me feel okay! i have a friend! someone i love and cherish next to me and shes mine! my friend! she [..more..]

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Captivating. is the right word to describe you, once known. to this day, you always have something to say. you never turn me down when i call, i can never NOT call you and tell you whats wrong. i can never NOT think of you when i feel lonely, and like i need someone to [..more..]

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i dont care whether anyone else thinks your beautiful or what but i think you are. youve always been so cute and what not but I especially cherished your intellect. The ability to conversate with you, and actually see you swim with me, was remarkable. Im not trying to sound ostentatious but yeah it was [..more..]

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even on this i still feel like i shouldnt say everything, because you’ll see it. and i dont want to know what you’ll say. i dont want to think that you dont feel the EXACT same way as i do. that you dont desire what we had at some point still. that it will always [..more..]

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I can’t seem to sum this up into any real order, so i’ll just type what pops into my mind as it does. I don’t feel this way about many people, ever. Well, so far in my life. Its hard to believe I even met someone like you. Or got to feel what its like [..more..]

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Its you, just you.

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It started with one cut. One cut to relieve herself from the pain. One cut was all it took to escape from all the problems around her. One cut for every friend she lost. One cut for every word you scream at her. One cut for every time you made her cry alone. But that [..more..]

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