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Tuesday 29th March 2011

4 years cant be in vein…. Just give us a go…

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Monday 28th March 2011

My favorite color, powdered white, In a circle that can free me from this everlasting struggle. Half makes it easier to sleep, and to wake, Two takes me to the motherland where i fall and die, I slip into an eternal sleep; The one place where i am not afraid.

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Sunday 27th March 2011

I am currently doing the Tony Ferguson diet .. It works Just depends if you want to spend money on meal replacement shakes…..

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What do I do???? I am married with 3 kids all teenagers…. Been with my husband for 20 odd yrs and over the past few years i have developed feelings for a guy who is 15 yrs younger.. He has no real attachments maybe a girlfriend but nothing set in concrete …Apart from a few [..more..]

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I’m giving it 100%, the very best I can and if you’re reading this then you’ve probably gone through the exam same process. Trying over and over again and thinking oh wait no hold on that’s my fault, THEY have things on their plate. Why can’t I be one of those people with too much [..more..]

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Well I never been like this, I’ve always been emotional, I’ve always get mad easily but things seem to have fallen apart more than before. I look at the mirror and I don’t like myself and it’s not even the scars anymore it’s deeper, in my eyes there is something I don’t like. I remember [..more..]

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I can’t stand how restless I feel right now. I hate that my best friend is going to be gone for so long and nothing else compares to just spending time with her. I hate that my only love interest is a thousand miles away when this week is the only time I could actually [..more..]

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Why did you tell me that you had feelings for me then tell me that you only wanted to be friends…. How do you expect me to turn my feelings on to low so you can give it a go with another girl…. Sorry I cant I LOVE YOU I want you in my life….The [..more..]

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Saturday 26th March 2011

it is erey hard to forget someone you love epecilly if you see them everday and it breaks your heart just to see them

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Friday 25th March 2011

living life 1 day at a time.. trying to fight all the negative feelings that i have inside..

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