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Wednesday 14th September 2011


There we are, holding on again I never thought i would do it again There we are taking the same road again its the road where we are living dancing on the smiles dancing on the smiles its the pattern you never wished for endless pain holding on again again so set me free leave [..more..]

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I remember my childhood memories. They all seem like unreal scenarios that my mind makes up with strong emotional ties to. I want to relive them. I can imagine them perfectly in my head. I try and remember how I used to think back then, and how different I think now. I can only relate [..more..]

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It makes so sad when I think about the good old times (when I could carelessly go outside and play or the old west and the way they lived back then) and how they’re forever gone. I’m also constantly obsessed with the future; I keep thinking of what career should I pursue and how I’m [..more..]

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When people needed me I was there for them, but now when I need someone they dont think I deserve their company or they keep blaming for something or the other reason.

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Have you ever felt unloved. You have a wife, children, a nice home, good family, things are going well in your life, but there’s just something missing. It’s not religion as your a religious person. But you just feel unloved. I often feel myself just wanting to be hugged by someone. As I sit here [..more..]

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Tuesday 13th September 2011


I am a 46yr old woman that has children in Primary school, a daughter who just had a baby and a step-daughter. My partner is a good man but we have little to keep us connected apart from the usual daily grind. My parents have suddenly aged, the sort of people that all their lives [..more..]

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he’ll never be able to love you and care for you like i can. and you won’t even give me a chance.

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for once, i was proud today. proud of myself. and i didn’t feel so worthless. but then you took it away from me and threw my face in it. and tonight, even though my scars have faded, i picked up the blade and made new ones. now i’m back to my old self. the worthless, [..more..]

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how can i talk to you when you won’t even listen? how can i share my thought, my feelings, the demons that haunt me, when you don’t really care, or have the time, or think that my problems are trivial. i feel that i will literally burst. i get headaches from the stress. it takes [..more..]

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My friend, when will you be able to take risks to make yourself brave and face reality as it is? Your problems are so trivial that it frustrates me if you have ever thought about what’s worse around you. You’re getting old. When are you going to be independent?

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