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Saturday 4th June 2011

So over life and living….. Serious I have had enough…I am going to end up hating my husband… He is controlling a snoop and a stalker….. I know I am no angel but he pushes me into seeking attention elsewhere because of his manner… He is an only child and so everything has to be [..more..]

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! i hateeee heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer i f***ing haaaateeeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeer i just wanna kill heeer , imean she’s soo stupid !!! she thinks that she’s HOT !!! but she’s sooooooo not !!!!

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Friday 3rd June 2011

He’s 18, I’m 16. He’s in grade 12, Graduating, Moving away, Growing up, Going off to College in August, and has a very successful life ahead of him. I’m extremely happy for him, except… I’m in grade 10, Graduating in 2 years, Partying, Drinking, Hating school, doing what any regular 16 year old girl would [..more..]

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your such an ASS i want to get to know you that’s why i did this !!!! but you’re sooooooooooooooooo stupid !!! i hate myself for doing that for you !! you dumbass !! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! i wish your infront of me right now i sooo want to kick your ASS B**** !! your fat,ugly,have [..more..]

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Confused. The guy i like is seriously messing me around saying he likes me, yet he has a f***ing girlfriend. Hes told me he wants to do stuff with me but hasnt actually confronted me about this other girl. My friend has said not to do anything because il regret it and she looks up [..more..]

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I’ve been thinking about the same guy for 6 years….6 long years! He was my professor at Uni, than a friend, than a lover…and then we split far away, but always kept in touch, despite distance, despite other relationships and despite feelings…Now I’m 25, I’m in a happy relationship, and I wonder if it’s OK [..more..]

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Hi Babe, How are you??? I miss you ??? I wish you were up this way so we could catch up… I am going out next weekend it would be lovely if you could come up for the night and we could spend it together.. I know thats a huge ask as you spend most [..more..]

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Thursday 2nd June 2011

I have also never gone to a party or done anything social,,high school was wake up, go to school, go to class and never talked to any one unless they talked to me, maybe sleep on desk but never slept, recess break,,and for the first few years i stayed in the toilet too scared to [..more..]

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I am scared,,I don’t know what will happen..I haven’t had a close friend since 10 years ago,,no-one has stayed with me..and I try but they always think I have my own friends..and never a bf too,,i always hoped that my first bf would be my close friend too..I am also scared that once family start [..more..]

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Wednesday 1st June 2011

I am weak… I gave in a messaged you today… you said you had been thinken about me last night….. i asked why you didnt message and you said you didnt have my number… i asked did you delete me….. you said no…. so what what happened… pls help me understand every little bit of [..more..]

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