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Sunday 25th December 2011


Christmas day… what a joke and all because your an as an and i just can’t be bothered anymore…. and tomorrow i have to put up with your farking family..prefer to party at the city tip than spend a day with them…. in such a sad place in my life at the moment…..all i can [..more..]

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I’m in love with Raoul Garcia, I just know it’s love. Too bad he’ll never know.

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i have had the desire to jump and see if I could fly for quite some time. I spend so much time in my life thinking about how badly I’ve dishonored myself anf broke trust with the people I care about and it’s eating me alive. All year all I’ve thought about was how messed [..more..]

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Saturday 24th December 2011


You know that feeling at the pitt of your stomach, just pushing you and practically telling you what your heart desires. That voice inside of you that tells you “Why not? Go for it, go for him. He was yours first to begin with.” Well this lives inside me every day. I can’t say I [..more..]

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I have this problem, but i don’t know what to think. I have a best friend & she understands me like no other. I don’t think i could ever live without her. But theres this guy we both dated about a year ago. We both promised we’d never go back out with him. He wanted [..more..]

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Write your thoughts/feelings here…is it wrong to want to be with the person who you so madly love even if you know they are not good for you. who said love was always suppose to be a good thing. see the way i look at it is if you truely love someone you must love [..more..]

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Write your thoughts/feelings here…i have the wait of the world on my shoulders. on one hand i have my family that i have to support. my mom two brothers a sister and her baby. my sister had a baby while she was in jail and although she is not in jail anymore she is still [..more..]

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we thought we couldn’t have Chrixtmas this year, but now things are looking up. I’m so happy!

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i dated an a******, and he dumped me but i still love him .

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Friday 23rd December 2011


I don’t want to stay in this town forever. I’m scared of never seeing the world, never changing.

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