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Sunday 7th August 2011


Why do i torture myself and look at the pics of you and her together…Why do do I torture myself and constantly look at yours and her facebook… Why… I know why cause I love you and cant let go…. I dont want to let go in case there is a glimmer of hope for [..more..]

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It’s nice to know that in eleven days, you are a year older than half of your friends but at the same time it isn’t. I just know that things change, but that’s hard to accept sometimes. Especially when people change.

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There is this guy who i really like,but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like me the same way. I have liked him for about two years now,I asked him out once but he said no. I asked him to the dance and he said yes but the day of the dance he turned me down.And [..more..]

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I have always really liked writing or you could say typing. So i have always wanted to write a book or a noval. Now this is the funny part…I’m only 12. I will soon be 13,but everyone always tells me, “your to young” “you are just a child,you wouldn’t be able to write a book” [..more..]

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I’m so very happy with my life….sometimes.

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Why did I trust him? We dated and his father and stepmom didn’t approve. We pretended to break up, but secretly that whole summer I went to his house and brought him to mine until time to take him home before his parents got off of work. I loved him so much. He was my [..more..]

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DMF I will forever love you…… My heart aches for your my body longs for you my soul lonely for you…..Age is no barrier and distance is no obstacle…. If you want to be with me you will feel the same.. so come on baby send me a sign… <3 forever yours love always MLD

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Saturday 6th August 2011


I want some sort of privacy. Everyone’s in here, all the time. Talking about crap. I’d really just like to be somewhere where I can be just with me, not with someone else talking about things. I want to write. I want to be alone, to plot and scheme and write. I want to be [..more..]

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Life is full of pain, sadness, anger but it is also filled with happy memories. All this feelings is part of LIFE and it is something we humans need to go through. Understanding and accepting is totally different. Although I understand this but when I am going through all the pain and sorrow is just [..more..]

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Friday 5th August 2011


It’s ironic on this the last day of my job of 10 years that I feel both excitement and sorrow. Excitement to be moving on to another job, but sorrow to be leaving those that I’ve become great friends with. This last week has been such a buzz – limited time to get things done, [..more..]

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