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Saturday 21st May 2011

It’s hard not to feel left out when what defines intimacy among your friends is tagging and writing entries on your Facebook. I have never felt like getting it and do not want to feel pressurised to do so. – .-

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its funny how people are talking about the world ending tommorow… XD It’s not gonna happen.

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Thursday 19th May 2011

dear soandso, i basically stalk your ass on twitter, and i don’t even have that s***. i met you junior year, you were a senior. we had this dope ass class together, and you and i wouldn’t do s***. nevertheless, i earned a B, I’m sure you scored around the same as well. i digress… [..more..]

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my name is bailey ann lebsack. i did a project for the spoted dolphinand i did my best best work of it so that is my best thing ever.

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Wednesday 18th May 2011

Pls pls pls Spud ring me…. I want to hear your voice… I want to talk to you … I want to meet up with you… I want you…. I love you….so much too much it hurts.. Can we be together… can we give it a go… pls you wont be disappointed i promise… no [..more..]

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I feel mixed. I love you and you don’t even know it! We’ve been talking now for three years! and even though our relationship has always been more physical… I wish that you would see me for me and not my body. We haven’t had sex yet, and I can’t wait! Hopefully things will change [..more..]

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I feel like half the time I am a compulsive liar. Lying to him about simple things has become so easy. He can’t tell its a smile I am faking. There’s times I feel like I’m still in love with someone else. Yet all my friends are jealous. Cause he says everything I need to [..more..]

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Tuesday 17th May 2011

The year is almost over and i feel … This year has been very tough and the worst school year ever. I was picked on, laughed at, and found very wierd. Although, i didn’t really cared. They are the losers, they have the tough life and just make their life impossible. Like I’ve said, life [..more..]

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Monday 16th May 2011

Another day of messaging you and getting no reply…. I hate that about you… Why why do you do it….. your not that busy that you cant put two words together..hell thats about all you ever put together anyway…. why why do you do it to me…. I feel like a yo yo just when [..more..]

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Sunday 15th May 2011

im young. i dont know if this is love i dont think so? otherwise i would be in my bed hiding still, But im a tough girl when everyones around but when im on my own or just thinking, i feel upset and think i miss him, i was with this boy for 6 months [..more..]

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