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Thursday 1st December 2011


I miss work…

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i hate myself right now. idk why but i know im a total mess and i cant do anything to make it better. i think everyone around me hate me too. i cant take control of my life and everything’s a mess. i disappoint everyone and myself. im not good with my God either and [..more..]

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Wednesday 30th November 2011


I don’t have any friends. Except for my boyfriend, and we have alot of differences in tastes :/ I guess thats why I miss my ex so much… we had so much in common, but even then it doesnt mean that would change who I am. I’m really shy. I’m bad at having conversations and [..more..]

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It makes me feel…sort of scared; guilty, when you talk about how things make you mad – anger over all scares me, and yours makes me get that twisting, guilty disappointed feeling in my stomach. It makes me want to curl up away from everything and pity you…but at the same time avoid you. When [..more..]

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yeah, im a f*** up. thats what i am. ill never deny it. tomorrow my dads gonna find out that i have been skipping school to get high just so i can forget about what a f***ed up life i live. hes gonna call me a f*** up and tell me to get out. well [..more..]

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who wouldve thought that a single note from the girl that i am head over heels for could end my life…. i dont wanna read it for fear of what ill do,ifeel like when i read this ill just end up crying my eyes out and slicing my wrists open. i hope this goes better [..more..]

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I want to drown my sorrows with ice cream and chocolate and listen to happy, bubbly music like, Crayons-Amy Can Flyy… Guys can be such pricks :/

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Tuesday 29th November 2011


Today is my birthday and my so called best friends today just avoided and ignored me. I feel really angry because i am sure i have done nothing to make her angry.

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I need to Annie Edison my life. Plan out every little detail until I am back on track, because I’m a mess right now. I was sick and now I’m better, there’s a word for that, right? When you take a bunch of time off and then you have to go back to life and [..more..]

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why do i wake up every morning? its just the same bull s*** over and over again. the same youll never be good enough. i always end up in the same spot. sitting in my room alone, with a blade. who wouldve thought that hurting myself more would help me more then anything else can. [..more..]

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