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Tuesday 1st November 2011


saw you yesterday and yes you saw me but you chose to look the other way… I want so much to walk away and forget you but its just no that easy and for the life of me I dont know why I just cant do it………… do I do it…. Its not like your [..more..]

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Being happy and sad at the same time is a singularly curious and glorious feeling. Smiling over tears, however, is the worst in the world.

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I love you, but I can’t make you care. Can’t make you realize what it’s like for some people. You doesn’t know how to deal with any problems outside of math class. You know, a hug when someone’s crying means nothing if you just want to be somewhere else. You never once said ‘It’s okay’ [..more..]

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It just doesn’t feel the same you know, when someone that meant so much to you has moved on and you’re just left behind with sorrow, mistakes, memories and regrets. But it’s also kind of fulfilling, the happiness that’s left deep deep deep inside you knowing you haven’t lost the person completely. Honestly? I miss [..more..]

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i just want to get out of the damn rat race. i want to run alone for once in my life, without the fear of being overtaken and left behind…….i want to run to places where i want to go, and not to get away from places where i dont want to be.

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Monday 31st October 2011


I hate my life. I have tried so hard for so long not to. I have it easy, nothing necessarily traumatizing has ever happened to me. My problem is that I am too aware. I am too aware of my faults, but the ones I can’t necessarily change unless I just hide from people altogether. [..more..]

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I love you so much.. we haven’t been together very long but I love you. But I did stuff with jake.. I didn’t really mean to it just happened and im super guitly about it.. I can’t tell you though. and the party… holy f***… I’ve never had things so hard before.. WHy can’ tthings [..more..]

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what the hell!! you say you love me? You tell my best friend shes hotter than me, than you rate me a 2 outta 10 and give my friends 5’s and 8’s. You knew that you were 2 years older than me, you act like u dont and than say its disgusting that you made [..more..]

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dear best friend, youre selfish. i cant do it anymore. youre flaky and unreliable. i deserve much better. i just feel bad for you. good luck finding someone better than me. -S

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I wish i could tell everyone in the entire world that they are beautiful. everyone deserves to be called beautiful everyday their smile is the most vaulable thing you could ask for

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