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Monday 3rd October 2011


i met this guy through some forumy place, i became friends with a group on there, and ended up getting close to one of the guys. eventually, we started ‘going out’ since we actually lived pretty close and met up a few times. then, he ended it suddenly and i was left a wreck, i’d [..more..]

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Why are you so f***ing stupid.

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Sunday 2nd October 2011


I feel so stupid thinking that you actually ever loved me. I look back and ask myself what happen and what went wrong but I just can’t seem to find it. I guess you just moved on. Guess she can give you something that I can’t. As much as it hurt and pain me to [..more..]

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Saturday 1st October 2011


Its simple. every guy i like turns out to like someone better looking so now i dont even know why i bother anymore.

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I feel like crap. I feel like I hit rock bottom. I screwed up bad and regret my life. I want to just go back in time and not do what i did. I have freinds that i know but they dont like to be with me. I hope one day my life changes and [..more..]

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I honestly don’t believe in love anymore, at least not for me. The person I fell in love with, who was my first love. The one guy who 5 years ago showed me that not all guys are the same, now show me that all guys are the same. Due to a misunderstanding in a [..more..]

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Wow, im up so late and i just really felt like typing. What a wonderful website. Im glad that i have found something like this and i am just filling in useless information so that, i may feel good about myself. I am currently happy with my life and i think that some of you [..more..]

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Friday 30th September 2011


“no matter what your mum is always there for you.” biggest lie ever. once the trust is gone, its gone.

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“You love someone, so you never want to fall out of their favour. You always want to be their number one. There’s nothing wrong with putting all your heart and effort into pleasing the person you love. I do believe that but… I could ask him ‘Am I really somebody special to you? What rank [..more..]

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i fell like dying all the time my name is Jennifer i’m 14 and i like to sey life sucks you see i tried suicide..and i gotta tell you it hurts…not physically but mentally i killed my self for almost 18 times and…i didn’t get better i got worse now i try to kill my [..more..]

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