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Friday 31st March 2017


Your future is seen by just one peephole… Whether you see it or someone you love, the only thing guaranteed is… !Disappointment!

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Thursday 30th March 2017

Umm…can’t think of a title

Hello, Its my first time writing. SERIOUSLY!!! It is my FIRST time writing. Never thought of a diary. This thought of writing anonymously somehow just came to my mind. Well, I don’t have a problem , its just that my mind is so so blank right now. I have to study but I can’t , [..more..]

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I don’t know exactly why I’m writing this, there’s probably gonna be so many mistakes. I guess I just felt like writing anything and everything going on in my life even if people don’t notice. Well ok here’s the s***, last year I was having trouble figuring out who were my friends, I was kinda [..more..]

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Feeling sad

I just feel down.. I just hate the way I live. I hate to live with my boyfriend because all the love that I had one day for him had dissapear. He doesn’t respect me and neitherI. We are fighting every day for anything. He insults me and that is what I hate the most. [..more..]

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random teenager problem

I’m sixteen and never been kissed.

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why are people selfish

Haven’t seen my parents in 7 months and I just want to go home and hug them. This exchange year better be over soon cause I can’t handle my host sister anymore. I just wish she wasn’t so selfish because I care about her, but she’s the worst person I’ve ever met and the only [..more..]

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I’m so tired of being a good person. I wish I cared less, I wish I said what I think and I wish I wasn’t scared. I’ve never been the girl who cries because of someone, but now I am, and crying seems to be the only thing that makes me feel better. I used [..more..]

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stuffed belly

i literally ate so much i thought i was going to pop. it aint even thanksgiving i just ate so much. so first i ate an e n t i r e can of pringles. THE WHOLE THING. whats wrong with me? ugh. i felt pretty full and gross after that so i took a [..more..]

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so-called FRIEND

there was no need for the fight last weekend. why do you always make a fight start after we’ve planned to meet up? is it that you soon regret making plans with me? just because im something that is classed as a REAL friend, and not a drinking buddy, doesn’t mean you can threaten violence [..more..]

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