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Posted by on 2022/11/29 under Love

We were together for 4 years.
My father didn’t like you but even so I loved you. You and I had special moments together for quite some time, but somewhere along the way I woke up I saw what was going on. You were not taking your life or ours seriously I had moved started a new job and got an apartment while you still hadn’t even gotten your full drivers licence or any work experience to mention. I had plans and goals for us while you didn’t have any for yourself. I thought I could tell you how everything was making me feel but after a while you got fed up and said if I continued to speak to you like that you’d hang up…. That’s when I snapped you did a lot of s***ty things that week and more before that I would let slide and in that moment I remembered them all and said you don’t have to hang up and I did.

Weeks went by we didn’t speak you already knew I was moving back home to be with my family and help out around home well during the move is when I decided to pack everything in a garbage bag you or your family ever gave me and had my dad come with me in the car to drop it off.

I did that because your family was always saying after what we did for her about your brothers ex I wasn’t gonna let that be said about me next.

But after I dropped it off that’s when you texted me. You said (seriously? That’s it I’ll say it were done) but honey that’s what that garbage bag meant from me we are done. Changed our names back in our phones and continued no contact. Untill my sister sees my Xbox is for sale and arranged I could buy it back from you and sense you were always broke i considered it my last and final sugar momma cash to you. Even had back up in the car incase your family got stupid and tried anything funny.

You still never contacted me though about anything do you not even feel sorry for what you did or rather what you didn’t do. Sometimes I still remember the good times and get sad not because I miss you but because I let myself be so manipulated. It’s ok though I’ll see you one day stronger and better than ever you lazy, narcissistic, dum a****** of a boy. But now with walls bigger and better than ever that my new partner is dealing with.

My new partner says something nice and I burst into tears asking what he wants from me thinking every nice word is a trap. My heart is scared to let myself fully love him because all I think is what you’ve done when I let myself love you. Sometimes I wish you would at least say your sorry for everything (without intention of getting back together) but a sorry would be nice because before you were my partner you were my friend and both have betrayed me.

When I told you my mentor died you played on your phone and ignored me. You violated me. You called me sensitive you said you didn’t have to do things my way and that my way wasn’t the only way when I told you not to burn my countertop by putting a hot pot on it.

You complained about a headache while I was recovering from gallbladder surgery and you were sappose to help take care of me but anytime I asked for help I was met with a grumble. Sorry honey I can see I’m inconvenient.

I’m so glad your gone but how can you be alright with yourself

You left cat litter that spilled on the floor while I was at work and waited for me to come home and clean it up. I clean the apartment every morning and night before and after work so I can be in peace in a clean environment and you never lifted a finger to help when I was in the process of maybe getting you able to live there but not after you showed no responsibility and left it a mess.

You never hung out with me and my friends and one friend I was genuinely worried about you said don’t talk to you about them they are and quote “your friends not mine” wich I get but I was stressing about a problem and you didn’t even want me to talk to you about it. A problem on my mind I couldn’t talk to my partner of 4 years about.

When all that’s said and done (ex partner) I really really f***ing hope your happy you fake ass b**** you never cared about us or anything cuz you never tried once to move on in life and progress and always had an excuse your family sure helped with that. By the way how is it going now that they can’t afford to pay the rent on time and may soon lose their jobs and home? Hope everyone is well signed

That girl you wouldn’t talk to

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