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Posted by on 2022/07/05 under Love

i miss how you used to flatten my hair when i said it was too big. i miss how you were incapable of holding back a smile when i said something funny. i miss how you held my hand when we were out in public. i miss how you reacted when i did something praisable. i miss how i could be vulnerable around you. i miss not having a single doubt about you. i miss how i could always rely on you. i miss how you would greet me when i came over. i miss that you weren’t embarrassed of me. i miss what you gave me.

i don’t miss how you would take hours to reply. i don’t miss how you prioritised playing video games over me. i don’t miss how you were so incredibly influenced by your mother. i don’t miss how you would blame me for not interacting with your family when you wouldn’t give me the chance. i don’t miss how you waited until you were 5 hours away from me to call it quits. i don’t miss the “luv u 2”. i don’t miss how you discarded me when i talked about my mother with cancer. i don’t miss how you broke up with me over the phone. i don’t miss your posh uptight family. i don’t miss the stench of your room. i don’t miss your constant need of approval from your mother. and i certainly… dont. miss. you.

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