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Posted by on 2022/01/05 under Love

The piano began playing the opening bars of "A Perfect Angel" and Miranda set the glass down and threw her arms around Andy. She heard her heart beating wildly as she waited for Miranda to kiss her.

Miranda pulled away and looked at Andy. She had an evil smile on her face and grabbed her by the throat.

Miranda shoved Andy against the mirror. The mirror creaked under their combined weight.

Miranda lifted Andy off the ground by the throat. "It's time for you to die."

Miranda put Andy in front of the mirror. She stepped back so Andy's reflection stood between her and Miranda's reflection.

Andy looked at her image. She had tears streaming down her face as her reflection screamed at her.

Miranda swung Andy's head back, throwing her head through the mirror and slamming her head against the glass.

Miranda smiled. "Now, you're mine."

Andy blacked out.

Miranda smiled at her reflection. The music picked up and it faded out.

Miranda picked up Andy's body and turned and walked out of the bathroom.

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