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Posted by on 2021/11/13 under Love

I dont get to see him most of the time because of my situation of having strict parents. everyday i miss him, every single day. it gets harder but i gotta stay strong. i love him with all my heart. theres so much that i think. i overthink especially when i did something wrong on accident and it hurts him. i don't mean to but then i end up doing it. hes so perfect everything about him. i don't know how a person like me ended up with a person like him. Now I think hes mad at me or i made him sad and idk what i did wrong. i dont deserve him. i miss him soo much i really cant handle it. like why cant we just skip to the future where were already together in a house feeding each other, having fun, sleeping beside eachother, being there for eachother right by their side, and so many more. like why. hes just so special to me. even though hes busy hes still manages to make time for me. i just cant wait for those days when were finally together. if only people saw him like i do. I love him soo sooo muchh. whoevers readin this if you have your person with you please make sure that you show how much you love them. your so lucky you have them right beside you. I would do anything for that right now. it breaks my heart every day knwing i dnt get to see him. yes when i go out its fun but i imagine fun with him.i imagine enjoying with him. evertime i miss him i look at my pictures and kiss each and every one of them. it just makes me think hes here. my love if you ever see this I love you soo muchh and im so glad you came into my life. You are the best thing that ever happen to me. Each memory I will cheerish forever in my heart.
-by your love k.m.

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