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Posted by on 2021/07/10 under Love

I liked you. I really did. I wanted to fix our friendship so bad that I didn't realize I just worsened it, to the point that it was no longer fixable. My horrible attempts in making amends with you just slid down the drain. As if it was nothing. Or maybe it really is, idk. For years I thought I liked/admired you because you were like a brother to me, but I realized that that was bs when you started dating that gigantic girl with dimples. I always thought we were gonna be friends (f*** that sounds creepy). but life, as we know it, is f***ing twisted. If I were to list down things that I liked about you, I doubt 80 leaves would be enough. Singing is one of em. I loved it when you sang. Too bad I won't get to hear it anymore

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