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Posted by on 2021/07/08 under Love

i so badly just want to be wanted. to be the thing he can't have. for him to be the one hurt, checking his phone every 5 minutes hoping to see my name in his notifications. waiting on my calls and texts, checking for any sign of contact from me.
but thats me.
i'm the stupid one. i wait on his texts and calls. i'm the one hurt. i'm the one checking my phone.
he isn't as hurt in the situation as i am. he was never the sensitive one, i was always stupid falling for his attempts for my attention whenever it faltered.
but still i loved him.
i knew he only wanted to meet if it was for my body. only text if he wanted nudes.
i was never beautiful in his eyes, i was never interesting or funny. i was hot. he enjoyed looking at my flesh, my skin but nothing past that.
but still i gave in.
i knew that he just wanted my body, that his compliments were twisted for him to get his way.
but even as i write this, i wait on his calls.
i'm the one to blame at this point. i know what to expect, his next move. the other girls in his phone. still i wait on him.
she needs to understand:
you're so much more than what he waters you down to be.
you're never getting back the sleep you lose over him.
he is just a phase.

he's just a pretty boy, with a pretty voice. trying to sell you something you already have.

but still oh to be an elusive mirage, unobtainable but yearned for.

One thought on “wanted

  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone wants to be wanted, they are lying if they say otherwise. Dont sell yourself short. Dont lose yourself in some guy. There will be plenty of guys just like him but one of them will want you more then you wanted him.

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