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Posted by on 2021/03/01 under Love

I really miss him 🙁 I wish we could have been together for more i know even he still loves me but because of some reason he left me , even he want to talk , even he wants to meet . He was an angel for me because m y before relation was not a good experience because of which i went to depression and started getting anxiety attacks which is still . He helped me to love myself he was the best. WE BOTH ARE IN SAME CITIES but yet yet far why is this I also met him once but everything was different i wanted to hug him but could not want him to stay but could not say him that. I am just writing coz I want to.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. hii says:

    These is the problem

  2. Anonymous says:

    You need to be better on your own. You should want to be better for yourself. Learn from what he taught you and grow from it. You can’t make someone love you, that doesn’t mean you will stop loving or missing them. You will find someone new one day and you will be ready because you took this time to focus on yourself.

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