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Posted by on 2020/03/30 under Love

The sun rose and set since the last time I saw you. As my feet stood at your door, the faint patter of my heart boomed in my chest. I was scared and excited to see you again. Then there you were with your warm and inviting embrace. Your scent was heady. Us mere mortals could lose our bearings just being in your presence.

Sitting across from you looking at your through my foggy eyes you looked to me like the most beautiful woman in the moment and in my life. There was a part of me wanting to reach out and lose myself in your face, your nose, your eyes and your lips. You melted my heart. I wanted to be wrapped in your presence. I wanted just to be around you smiling and laughing together.

I appreciated you walking me out. Yet our time felt so brief so fleeting. I was there one moment enchanted by your face. Next, ushered off into the sea of the world that is our new normal You may think my demeanor aloof, cold, distant yet it is not so simple.

In you so easy is it to lose myself. So easy in you is it to let go of the hurt, the past, and the pain. So easy is it to love again. The desire is so strong. So easy is it to adore you and become mired in your gaze.

I watched your feet as they glided across the sand. I enjoyed every word, every laugh, and all the inside jokes a life of memories together bring. It was a beauty all of its own. Simple, majestic, electric yet nothing more than words. Nothing more than hope. Nothing more than one human being relating to another. It should not be. Yet it is the most amazing life affirming moment. It is the energy, excitement, the connection missing… dare I say lost to you and I.

The life, the moment of life between you and I was clear. It was palpable. It was everything.


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