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Posted by on 2019/09/13 under Love

I want to get married! I want to get married! I want to get married! God, I sound like some psycho! All I ever wanted when even at a young age was to get married young and have kids. Who knew that being a working adult at 23 would be my life. Being at this age would be silly to have kids because of the lack of financial support. Not married yet. I am with my boyfriend of 2 years! Yay! He won't even think about marriage because we are both not financially stable. Don't get him wrong though. He still works enough to pay his own bills. He has the good checklist. Has a car, own place, smart, and responsible. Sometimes we joke about marriage but then again… It often gets me too excited about marriage. Maybe we should stop talking too much about it. Now in these days, a divorce is pretty normal. Not very fond of divorces. One of the issues I have is that my eggs won't get any younger. Can't imagine having kids super late in life. I would imagine my life being married to someone before I'm in my thirties. Who knows though. Might even die without having to be married but have kids. For sure! For sure! I am having kids! The idea of marriage has always been stuck in my head for better or for worse. I should give it a rest… Marrying someone after two years of dating is too little. We have yet to see each other's family. Everything is going good. I just wanted to complain about me not being married and having kids like was planned at the age of 16 haha.

One thought on “I want to get married

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! you sound like the Supernova hot snow flake from hell and taboo to boot.

    No guy wants a wife whose only goal is to “”””GET MARRIED””””.

    You sound like you are just looking for a lifeline and easy street life at the expense of any man that is stupid enough to fall for the vagina trap. You know the game/ritual/role/patteren I am 100% sure.

    Meet a guy, act interested and sweet, go back to his place and give him some, then cut him off as to cause his vagina gag reflex to red line until he makes some commitment like gesture, give him just a little more, then claim your knocked up and hope he proposes.

    Afterwards, you take a part time job as a cashier at the local store, then later quit the job under some false pretense and blame the company.. just so you can sit at home in a free house, using free electricity, water and cell phone, food, etc free ride free free freee!

    So he meets your check list, car, house, is smart, responsible… and you want his things. Sorry Mrs.Wanton!
    What are you bringing to the table as to contribute your share, a vagina and breast? Thats not enough!…. unless he is a fool and from the sound of things, hes no fool to get entrapped by worthless body parts and superficial life long fantasy! So what if you do trick him and are later married! Then WHAT???? some other Snow White fantasy scenario?

    Your fantastical Ideals are that of a child. Relax its not your fault per say. Mommy and Daddy spoiled you into believing that all girls are self entitled to anything they want without having to contribute anything more than asking, complaining, shedding a tear when you don’t get what you want.

    Boys are raised quite different, boys get whipped, yelled at, beat, punished, forced and given work in order to get what they want, NOT given it freely because they are cute or pretty and make a pouty face or run into thier room and sulk. The last thing any boy or man wants, is some non-contributing self entitled female with fantasy world dreams asking them to share when they are not deserving. Free Vagina and conversation is not a comodity as you are getting something out of that as well. Besides, spite the female monopoly, there is not one bleeding hole worth a life time commitment or even the cost of a one topping pizza on sale at domino s.

    In short quit expecting the guy to do all the work and contribute everything and more than you are willing to contribute, more so abandon your selfish fantasy and figure out how to love a person rather than the life long fantasy Ideal of marriage.

    Then again I bet I am talking above your IQ and you think this is some male hate bashing directed at females.

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