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Posted by on 2019/09/13 under Love

I want to get married! I want to get married! I want to get married! God, I sound like some psycho! All I ever wanted when even at a young age was to get married young and have kids. Who knew that being a working adult at 23 would be my life. Being at this age would be silly to have kids because of the lack of financial support. Not married yet. I am with my boyfriend of 2 years! Yay! He won't even think about marriage because we are both not financially stable. Don't get him wrong though. He still works enough to pay his own bills. He has the good checklist. Has a car, own place, smart, and responsible. Sometimes we joke about marriage but then again… It often gets me too excited about marriage. Maybe we should stop talking too much about it. Now in these days, a divorce is pretty normal. Not very fond of divorces. One of the issues I have is that my eggs won't get any younger. Can't imagine having kids super late in life. I would imagine my life being married to someone before I'm in my thirties. Who knows though. Might even die without having to be married but have kids. For sure! For sure! I am having kids! The idea of marriage has always been stuck in my head for better or for worse. I should give it a rest… Marrying someone after two years of dating is too little. We have yet to see each other's family. Everything is going good. I just wanted to complain about me not being married and having kids like was planned at the age of 16 haha.

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