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Posted by on 2019/01/13 under Love

Ok so, he's bisexual, he's had more male crushes than females, and has only told me one of them. We are really close friends, and I don't want to tell you I really like you because if I do, it would completely ruin our friendship, I'm a girl by the way, he's so perfect, we like almost everything the same, we started reading the same book in school, and I didn't know, I'm now on the second book of that series, but I don't have the third, and he does, and he said he'd lend it to me, but I like him and it made me overwhelmed with feelings, my 16 year old self didn't k ow how to react, so I just nodded an smiled, and we like the same bands (me more than him on some) I found out he liked the same musician as me, and she's really Unknown, I went to see her in concert, and he was like "that's rad" and I was like "ye🤘🤘" but, I don't know if he's bisexual or gay, but I don't want to ask him, because he's sensitive about the subject, and honestly, I can't be bothered to risk everything, by telling him I really like him.

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  1. myself lol says:

    to myself, from the future, he’s actually not perfect, he’s a d***head who likes to make you feel bad about yourself because you’re not funny or you’re boring or you’re too tall or you’re too fat, he makes everything worse for you, which is why we left him,and the group behind, it’s a lot better now, you don’t have feelings for him anymore, in fact you do, it’s called hatred, ok i’m done

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