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Posted by on 2018/12/05 under Love

Do you ever think of me, I do all the time. I always wonder what life would be like if we were still together, would we be happy or are you happy now without me. It’s been 6 years since you left me. And I miss you every day, I lie to myself and say I hate you but I always end up thinking about you.

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    ” I lie to myself and say I hate you but I always end up thinking about you”……

    The above is so typical of all women.

    NONE OF YOU FEMALES ARE FIT FOR NOR CAN HANDLE REALITY and your statement is the cause of the problems that caused the break up in the first place.

    Women want men to beg and grable over them like they are some Goddess of Idol for having breast and a vagina. Never admit their true feelings, consistently choosing right the opposite emotions and never say how they truely feel (unless they are filled with hate and dispise/spite, which is always).
    Litttle miss perfect who cant be wrong!

    eg “I MISS AND LOVE YOU but I will pretend to hate you”. FOR WHAT PURPOSE? So you can say it was He who came hunting and gagging for you?

    Personally, I hope you suffer another 6 years of longing and waiting in some dark corner of a wet and cold dark celler that was abandoned, only to realize how stupid you were and are in all your dishonesty and repressed truths. Opting for lies over the truth… baha! Serves you right!

    The whole reason for the break up is the fact that you cant be HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY. Women Lie and Sleep with men (claiming them the love of their life) but will not speak a word of truth except in anonymity.

    Think about it! If he told you he hated you, would you go running back gagging and beg of him. Would you even trust him in his false sense of emotional lies roller coaster of delusional illusions and confusions…. (I love her but will act like I hate her, I want her but act like I dont want her) ……..Women are stupid hoes who willl do anything except when it comes to truth, stability and being honest.

    Want a relations ship that is trustworthy, that is why men choose dogs as his best friend. You know what the dog wants and know its not a lie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ^^^^ don’t listen to them… They’re clearly a women hater. Lying to yourself about something like that is normal, many people do it to help them overcome such emotions.

    Fact is, don’t think about them. You’re better than them. Unless you’re going to reconnect, they’re not worth another thought.

    In the past, in similar situations, I would go outside and get all my frustrations out about that person… Be it talked to myself at night on a bench or physically running to “run” away from those thoughts. Take a part of your day, find your release and you will feel better and get over it.

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