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Posted by on 2018/09/10 under Love

There is this guy I loved him and I though he loved me but I guess I was wrong we dated and we adopted a kid I was so happy and I thought he was happy but I guess i was wrong again… Today is the worst day of my life he broke up with me through text and said he would still take care of the kid but not as a bf kind of job and i don't know what to do he was my world and my life i can't live with out him i loved him so much ;( i just want you to know love him while you can he can leave at any point of life…. i am sorry if i didn't make you happy and i'm sorry for ruining you life and making you mad but your making me feel more pain then the world can ever do i love you i would take my life for you i would take a gun shot for you 🙁 i love you and miss you please come back…

One thought on “Heartbroken

  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me know where you are going to be and want day and time…. I’ll bring the gun and you can back up your claim with more than words.

    You had no business adopting, or even living.

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