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Posted by on 2018/07/09 under Love

So anonymously I feel the need to write because I have written here in the past of heartbreak and sadness I thought maybe now I should share my joy. After getting my heart broken from unrequited love slowly without realizing it I was beginning a strong friendship and bond to another. We were both weird and quirky and we were always making each other laugh. I don’t know when it happend but somewhere along the line we began to have feelings for each other. It was just after a christmas (holiday) concert for our school that he asked me to prom I teased him and immediately said yes then soon after on the same day he asked me to be his girlfriend, and again I automatically said yes and with that we were both super happy and couldn’t sleep from the excitement. ( I am aware I gave away our age range by talking of school and prom) later on though I began to get scared of losing him because our bond was getting stronger with each other I feared he would leave me. I was scared I wouldn’t be could enough. Every time we were together at least once something would happen and I would start hyperventilating panicked that he would get rid of me because I did something wrong. I knew he was the one after that because he calmed me down and made me laugh instead and told me never to worrie. And that he loved me so much that one day he wishes to Marry me. I told him not to say things like that but he just wanted to reassure me that he won’t leave my side. I hope our future together will stay content and I’ll still have him with me and I’m sorry I love him so much because sometimes loving someone too much can hurt.

This place is called somewhere to right and if the only comment your going to make is about spelling or grammar corrections it’s fine I won’t be editing it anyway. This is just how I feel.

3 thoughts on “Sorry I love you

  1. Twit twit twit somewhere to writ says:

    Aaaaahhhhh i dont care bout your brokening.

    It is me being brokening like madafapfap after your evil parents and relatives gone bad people ruining busybody some person try to live in peace.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I felt the need to reply to this because you sound like me when I was in high school. I’m happy you have found that one to share your life with and to love. Always keep an open mind, at your age your learning what love is and how to trust someone and learning from your experiences. I’ve seen some high school relationships last and I’ve seen many more of them fail. there are many reasons why, family, college, loss of love, commitment, trust issues. For me it was college separation. I was devastated because I really believed I would marry that man… but then 2 years after our break up, I found the man of my dreams… he could not compare to any guy I ever dated, he was God sent. I am not trying to discourage your relationship, I just want u to keep an open mind and live your life while you are young, you shouldn’t be stressing over crazy stuff. 🙂

    1. goodsense says:

      no kidding.

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