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Posted by on 2018/06/26 under Love

i bust my f***ing heart out to the internet, and no one gives a s***, I loovvveeeee him and I dont know how to tell him, cos he's a close friend and I don't want to ruin everything, tell me what to Doooooooo?

If he is on here idk what I'd do if he knew it was him I was talking about

2 thoughts on “Actually tell me what to do this time!?!?!?

  1. Anonymous says:

    just take it slowly break it to him in a subtle way heres some ways

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dear God! Women are so stupid and lazy. They want the guy to gag for them while they sit on their ass doing noting to make the first move…WHY?
    So they can say “YOU WANTED ME, Not I wanted you” when it comes down to it.

    You Dumb F**K cun_ts! What do you do when you see something you want in the store? You make a move and grab it before someone else does!
    So simple you idiot hoes. Quit waiting for shi_t to drop in your laps. you are not the gold prize you think you are.

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