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Love Trouble

Posted by on 2018/05/11 under Love

I need help. One of my very good friends(male) has a crush, or more, on me. He hasn't told me but is honestly very obvious. I used to like him. But I like someone else and I don't want to ruin our friendship. On the other hand, sometimes my current crush can be annoying and I don't really know if he likes me back or not. I have been thinking about telling my current crush tomorrow. We have a band concert but he won't be there. Yet he will be at the rehearsal before and I won't see him for the weekend. Help. Should I tell my crush? Should I ask my friend if he likes me? Should I still like my crush? Please comment down below to help me out. #Urgent

One thought on “Love Trouble

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well if u like ur crush but ur friend likes u, which do u want to be certain to spend most of ur time with, ur best friend or ur crush? Answer that

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