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Posted by on 2018/03/05 under Love

So how did I, someone who’s super self conscious, doesn’t show off, is super nervous naked and all that socially awkward introvert stuff…get to be dating a guy with a several thousand follower porn tumblr blog who videos for cash and s***? The f*** did I do to get here? I dont know what to do or think about this or how far it’s gonna go or what’s up.
It makes me nervous though and I think it’s just because I’m f***ing weird and just over thinking s*** but I also don’t know? And I feel like he’s gonna get bored of me hella fast and what not, i dont know.

One thought on “Introvert meet that guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is not true! You sound like a super cool and fun person! If he grows tired of you, it is his lost

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