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Posted by on 2018/02/12 under Love

To the core, he feels nothing.

Picture this:

Everything that I say, everything that is sweet, everything that moves the galaxies within me makes him remain dead.

I can give my soul to him over and over again, but he can never give me his bc it simply isnt meant for me.

When two people are together, it’s bc galaxies are combining>> the emotional connection. There’s an attraction that makes each others presence have a purpose.

Having a it be one sided will never work. You’re a disturbance. Hes uninterested in everything that made you you.


2 thoughts on “reminder

  1. Trump+ Hum = Trhump says:

    hope not to see you.

    dont ever show your face, again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s on 11:11……. There’s a chance your wish will be granted Trhump…..

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