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Posted by on 2018/02/12 under Love

I hate that there's a chance I might never get to see you or laugh with you again. I hate that I'll never be able to think of you in the same light now that I know how many people you've f***ed over. I hate that I'm one of them. And if I were honest in the end, I wish we could at least be best friends because I've never related to anyone more than I've related to you. But you're also selectively narcissistic and I don't understand why you were mean to K but you were never mean to me. I'm angry that you were mean to her. I hate that I can't be me without being reminded of you. How do I become Me again? How?

One thought on “I feel so torn: 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Think about the good points there’s always someone there to help you. any that person will be there no matter what.
    You will feel better but everything in life is easier with a friend or even family there to help you.
    Put something else in your mind help out somewhere or do something that makes you happy and soon you will move on and find someone who deserves you.
    Feel better soon!

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