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Newly renewed

Posted by on 2018/01/08 under Love

In all honesty the last time I wrote here, I was strung out over my relationship with someone whom i thought I’d spend a while with. In that mass time of realizing what “was” compared to what “is” I grew. Not only did the growing I do allow me to open up my eyes in an entirely new light, I feel like more for what it is now. I don’t depend on anyone, no one to influence my train of thought, it’s all me. As I think as I morph more into this realm I once thought was unrealistic feels so natural. My emotions now are what they should have been in the first place. I don’t want to say any bs along the lines of missing her because that’s incorrect. I see relationships and I then I remember what it feels like to be in one, the the thought process rushes memories of her out of the ass. But then reality catches me when I realize, I miss the closeness, not how close me and her were, Albeit, she was an amazing person, nothing can take away from the love I’ve developed for myself while she stopped. I embrace the change, and, all and all, I’m glad.

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