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Posted by on 2017/08/12 under Love


Where do I began? My heart is in a million pieces and yet you are whole. Seeing you in that video touching on another girl, dancing, drinking and living. I told you to go and be with another girl. But, the reality of seeing it over social media killed me. I felt my stomach turn into a million pieces. I felt my heart rip in half. I know we weren't good for each other and we were heading down a dead in road. It's still really hard accepting that you are moving on with your life and finding someone new.

I see her now as your friend on facebook and Instagram. Guess you did hook up. Not my business or my place to even care. But, I do that's the sad part.

I'm stupid for even letting you back in my life and listening to all the lies you told me.

Your fool.

One thought on “Sonic

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am there too… Not that it makes it better lol. Wish you luck. Let’s unfriend our exes, we need to cut them off in real life and social media. But it’s so hard…I am stupid too.

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