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Posted by on 2017/08/10 under Love

So I'm 20 years old. I've never opened up to a guy and neither have I ever been as close as I got to him. It was on everything. We talked everyday, we shared many life stories and in the end, I fell for him. The whole point was meant to be fwb. I don't know whether to say that I pushed him away with my b.s. Maybe we were incompatible. As of now, it's over. It's been 2 weeks. This is my question, he really doesn't care about me, right? I mean, maybe slightly. I find this whole thing sickening. I opened up, especially a lot towards the end, and now this person gets to leave? There was also a lot of nasty stuff that occurred in between. He called me ugly, even tho he said he would have viewed me that way back in hs. Not now. In all, it's damaging all over the place. Nothing makes sense. Especially me liking him. It's like, where do I go from here?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s what comes with love. With love often comes heartache. And we need to take risks, we ALWAYS need to open up and let that certain someone how we feel about them. They won’t always like/love us back but that’s what’s great about it also. You learn to take risks. You get confident. After a bad break up or any break up in general you start realising what you are looking for in a relationship. And you start seeing things differently. It’s an experience. Yes, it hurts right now but it won’t hurt forever. It will stop hurting once you see that you deserve someone who treats you with respect and cares about you and your feelings. Someone who puts you first and so on… I hope i helped sweetie 🙂

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