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Thursday 29th March 2018

I want to meet women

I really want to meet women but I dont know how today! The reason for this is the magnitude of Women Attitueds! Really! I mean what man wants to chance even saying "Hi…." to a Women these days? The next thing you know your caught up in some sexual harrassment case, or being accused of [..more..]

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Wednesday 28th March 2018

Director M.Night Syawal’s The Village (2004)

The film are about ortodoks dumb people that far from outside modernism.

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I am sick of life honest to god himself. My parents pressure me to much I can't handle it anymore… I can't even look at food without hearing my mother's voice in the background "YOU NEED TO LOSE ALL THAT WEIGHT IF YOU WANNA WEAR THAT PRETTY DRESS!" I honesty feel like crying… school sucks [..more..]

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Mm mm mm

She just straight up ended it all…I liked her so much…I was ready to commit to her even…I was convinced “if not her…then who”……but she just ended it…..just petty…

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Dark hole

I slowly sinking into a deep dark place all alone. As time goes by I realise that I have depression as much as I hate to admit it. Every now and then I will start to condemn myself and every decision I ever made. I will want to hurt myself by pinching and slowly develops [..more..]

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Tuesday 27th March 2018

Media and Society outrage over sex

TRUMP! currently the Media is having a field day with Pres. Trump having sex with some woman and the BIG QUESTION is should he be Worried? Should he be IMPEACHED? and other Bull S**** questions. I have only one question? SINCE WHEN DID FU***ING SOME SLUT WHO AGREED TO IT (FOR MONEY, FAME, NOTERIETY, ETC) [..more..]

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Women Power 2018

I really think this New Era womean empowerment movement is really stupid and does more harm than good! One group of feminist has been promoting a propoganda (like) PR Campange for a long time, but now using and manipulating Rapes, Female Violance and other as to attack men "AS IF MEN ARE THE PROBLEM"! Furthermore, [..more..]

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Amazon . com and Shippers

Its true you can find just about anything you want on but you better watch out for the vendors and delivery dates that provide the goods you buy. I recently bought an item on Amazon from an over sea vendor (I guess) as I didnt pay much attention to the delivery date which missrepersented [..more..]

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Darmowe PDF Ebook Za Friko

Czym jest pozwala Ci na wyszukiwanie i pobieranie ebooków w formacie PDF za darmo na dowolne urządzenie desktopowe lub mobilne. Uwaga: w naszym serwisie możesz wgrać własny dokument i udostępnić go innym odwiedzającym. Pobierz Ebook w PDF za darmo na bez limitów, ankiet czy ukrytych opłat! Zanim pobierzesz ebooka, możesz przeczytać opis [..more..]

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I switched campuses one time, because it did not work out well. I knew it would be difficult to finish the program as the instructors and counselors were not being helpful. I was often ignored or spoke to in a condescending manner. I also fell into a deep depression. I finished up the semester as [..more..]

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