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Sunday 3rd September 2017

An insecure girl

I've become quite a sad person lately. Going to school has got me scared for no reason and this is the first time I'm experiencing quite a reaction from myself. It may be because I've distanced myself from everyone? I no longer know. I sometimes feels the world is watching me but not in a [..more..]

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Saturday 2nd September 2017

I’m Sorry

I'm sorry, Earth. You have to feel the weight of me every second of every day of every year. I'm fat. And ugly. I'm 110 pounds and 11 years old. My 12 almost 13 year old sister is about 90 pounds. I try, and I try and I try but no matter how little I [..more..]

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Thursday 31st August 2017


I took a selfie today, it amazed me how unattractive I am.

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When I look back to the good old days, I would have never have thought my life would be the way it is now. I am working towards my freedom and my recovery. Drugs.. it always starts off as fun and games, until you get addicted. I tried so many times to quit using… I [..more..]

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Can’t Stop

Why can't I stop thinking about you? I used to think it was a cliche when people would say "You're the last thing I think of before I go to bed and the first thing I think of when I wake up." but it's true that's how I feel and I shouldn't because I know [..more..]

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Wednesday 30th August 2017

Have i been bullied?

Yes. Yes I have. I was bullied for many things and I thought it was normal. I thought those kids were helping me but in reality they changed me. I hate myself for it…

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Tuesday 29th August 2017

What I can give in a relationship

My counselor asked me in my last session what I could give in a relationship. I said nothing. My friend is a guy, he likes me. He told me he loved me. I asked him how he could love me. He told me he always loved me. I could maybe bring a sense of humor [..more..]

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Monday 28th August 2017


i cant do this anymore, how do you move on from trauma? how do i stop disappointing people. I can't do anything anymore, it's numbing me – process right? i used to kill it, now i cant stop but admiring it killing me.

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i like to s*** here hahahahahhha!!!!!! actually i dont need this s***!!!! i just want to tell you alll dont do this s***!!! its just make your life more s***!!!and when the s*** is happening you will becoming more s***!!!!hahahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s***!!!!!!!!

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Sunday 27th August 2017

To the future

They want me to bee successful I don't have a choice Between school, church and home All three every week During summer it is prep whether I like it or not I don't get to decide what to be I feel like every aspect of my life is being control I don't they beleive in [..more..]

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