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Wednesday 30th August 2017

Have i been bullied?

Yes. Yes I have. I was bullied for many things and I thought it was normal. I thought those kids were helping me but in reality they changed me. I hate myself for it…

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Tuesday 29th August 2017

What I can give in a relationship

My counselor asked me in my last session what I could give in a relationship. I said nothing. My friend is a guy, he likes me. He told me he loved me. I asked him how he could love me. He told me he always loved me. I could maybe bring a sense of humor [..more..]

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Monday 28th August 2017


i cant do this anymore, how do you move on from trauma? how do i stop disappointing people. I can't do anything anymore, it's numbing me – process right? i used to kill it, now i cant stop but admiring it killing me.

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i like to s*** here hahahahahhha!!!!!! actually i dont need this s***!!!! i just want to tell you alll dont do this s***!!! its just make your life more s***!!!and when the s*** is happening you will becoming more s***!!!!hahahahhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s***!!!!!!!!

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Sunday 27th August 2017

To the future

They want me to bee successful I don't have a choice Between school, church and home All three every week During summer it is prep whether I like it or not I don't get to decide what to be I feel like every aspect of my life is being control I don't they beleive in [..more..]

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Friday 25th August 2017

I’m just tired

I want to go away forever. Now when I say that, I don't necessarily mean suicide, I just mean from this reality that I call my life. If anyone ever reads this, keep in mind that I'm only young but not too young. Every time I talk, I'm only 'talking back'. When I stay quiet, [..more..]

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i hate myself

i cant handle my own life. i have single handed-ly ruined it. i have no one left. i keep pushing people away trying to protect them and i only end up alone. i cant stop crying all the time and then i shut everyone out. they shouldnt have to deal with that. they probably think [..more..]

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Wednesday 23rd August 2017


I hate that i am insecure and jealous. But dont get me wrong, i love myself enough to be happy of what i am. I just dont know what i really wanted and even when i know i always seek other's opinion and change my mind whenever that person and i have different opinions. I [..more..]

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i need friends, honestly all of my friends are fake

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Masturbation – The Darkest Side of Me

Today I want to write about a problem that’s been plaguing me for years- – ever since I began considering applying to Groton. It’s about masturbation. Whenever I ejaculate, no matter how pleasurable a release it is, I always feel guilty and shameful after. Not only those feelings, I experience dampened happiness and emotive sensation [..more..]

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