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Tuesday 3rd October 2017


in the fury of the night, you came to me and tried to put a blame on my heart. explain that.

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When we dated and I handed my trust over to you, you went and thrashed it away like hey, since it's all mine now.. right? Why did you make a fool of me in front of all our friends? What could it been like behind closed doors had we moved in together? I wonder about [..more..]

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hypothetically if you are right and everyone else is evil and wrong but you, you still haven't answered one thing, why you kept on doing what you had, and insisted on what you wanted to have the way you had. Meaning, gaslighting everyone else while ignoring a simple explanation or even avoiding the clarification says [..more..]

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just wondering about you. treading the uncharted territories of you, not knowing if i am welcome or whether if i should challenge myself, but to know who you are is pleasure in discovery and in the way we are, just the way we love.

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I feel like I was a bad girlfriend, and I am sorry for all that I couldn't have done. I am sorry for making you feel not enough and I am sorry for making you feel unwanted. But ask yourself, could you have had me the way I am? With all my craziness and my [..more..]

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personal experience

when you expect another to change and get real bitter about each other, turning love into resentment, that's when you know you've overstayed your welcome… and sometimes, we feel the precipitations before they happen, but all the patterns lead us there, those little instances are not little. the little things make the big picture, and [..more..]

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my heart pains, cos i loved him too. the way he's leaving is making this all the more difficult to bear. like i have no feelings or that it's all fake, bc let me tell you how i memorized every corner of our imaginary apartment and now it's desolate, and perhaps i gotta build my [..more..]

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Monday 2nd October 2017


i dont think we are lust baby, the intensity of the feelings definitely had me. i thought maybe i was the one going crazy. i thought maybe that's what it was forgive me i had to make sure that this is something we both can cultivate and it feels like the more time we take [..more..]

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Words of wizardom

There are things that happen in life and we don't know why or how. I feel like some of that's supposed to stay as a mystery so that we can be comfortable with the uncertainties life comes with. With you however I feel at home, at ease and comforted by your mere presence. I can't [..more..]

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last night dream

in my dream i was in love with a stranger who came to me in different faces. i wished it was him with the eyes reflecting the everlasting skies, but then i was chased by my enemies and things were shifty. i didn't know where to go or who to trust, all was going sorta [..more..]

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