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Friday 6th April 2018

never made of flesh

I once was so depressed, I knew no feeling. After years of trying I have finally achieved feeling the basic emotions. At the same time as I did all this, I had also alienated myself from the world. By doing this once I got out of the darkness I was unable to be social. because [..more..]

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I don’t know

I don't know what happens to me, just that I cant fall asleep at night, I always say that I'm not hungry, I'm not thirsty, it's so different feeling I've ever felt.

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Thursday 5th April 2018

run away?

should i run from home. or should i start high school. i'm 12 now. but i feel depress. most people think we kids aren't really that smart. but we are. we may even be smarted thatn most of you people. we have emotions that we can't express cuz we are shy. we are afraid we [..more..]

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"I want wings for fly, cause on earth I can see, but in a sky, I can feel."

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"You're a perfect angel that I've ever meet who isn't perfect, but be perfect for me."

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"Everyone can look up at the sky, but not everyone can see the bright"

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The lost girl

she has no idea what she is doing in life. She pretends to have no fears so that she can appear to be strong. She cannot open up to others, she acts open but when there is a question that gets too deep she deflects it with a lie. She will not and cannot allow [..more..]

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Has something go e wrong with me and my boy bestie, who I have feelings for, and he doesn't know about them, stops liking my posts on Instagram, answer me batches!!!!!

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Tuesday 3rd April 2018

On my state in life

I cant understand how can this,this everything came to be . It appears as if yesterday I held you and the world felt right. As if I held life istlef in a hug and embrace so tebder and pure that all the nmosteratcies of man feared it. Had had scares it for it was contorled [..more..]

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i dont know

I'm unsure and confused I've had 5 panic attacks this week I'm confused about everything, I don't know who I am or what I wanna be, you could say I'm experimenting I'm in to indie slow meaningful songs I like to feel emotion through the songs I listen to. I loved spending time with friends [..more..]

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