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Friday 16th November 2018

Necronautical Behavior

Necronauts, They are still here studying Mr. Tuttle. He is sitting in a chair and watching the device that shows the images on the screen. He is whispering things like VEM tshirt for some reason. Nobody can see him but they can hear him and doing a talk about Christos and Phobos. And Mr. Tuttle [..more..]

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Thursday 15th November 2018

Is letting things happen a good option

I am having a complete turn in my life….what am I supposed to do…let things go??? But they make me cry..and I cry. Is this what I should do. Cause I see no way out.

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No questions asked

Im right now sitting in a empty bath tub with 0 sleep while on my period.

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Pynchon, Malick, and Marker; My hermetic guides through the unconscious collective. Silently Anonymous, -The Archer

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Food and I have a toxic relationship. I keep eating and binging food even though I am not hungry. I'm spending a lot of money on food to a point I don't have money to go home. I can't just skip a meal because I know if I don't eat my body won't have energy.

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I’m a mess, I think

I've finally got back to studying after a horrible but insightful gap year. But I'm a mess. I took a gap year to figure somethings out and to try to save up for some money for college but I haven't got my act together. I tend to have poor time management and I'm falling behind [..more..]

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Wednesday 14th November 2018

You CANT trust Law and Justis OR YOUR FRIENDS

Okay, I am in full steam mode today as I got a taste of the Law and Order skit in court and in short “The justice system is pathetic”. And as a disclaimer, the below may not be coherent as I have been up for over 36 hours, surviving on 8 hours of sleep in [..more..]

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I beengoing throught of these entrys people been posting on here …. there really depressing …….man that's hard to read sometimes

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Tuesday 13th November 2018


Holy crap, I'm graduating this year! That snuck up on me… I remember going in freshman year and thinking, "I'm never gonna make it to 12th grade." Boy, four years just flew by, and here I am, nearing halfway through my last year of high school. It's heart stopping, truly.

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Necronauts of the zone of the dead, We appreciate the ability shown by the necronauts harbored and by the willingness dedicated the lostness of the lost. The poetic task is not difficult, but it is simple and we want to know that where the beauty is there will be the trial of nothingness. Proceed with [..more..]

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