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So i’m cutting again. I promised everyone i’d stop. But i cant. Everything’s to emotional. I miss how everything used to be. I find relief in sharp objects slashing against.I just wish i could stop breathing. I’m done with my life. I know i say that over and over again but i wonder when its gonna be the last time i say those words. I dont know what to do. I hate feeling this way. I feel so unwanted. Unloved..hated. Forgotten about. Nobody knows i actually feel like this. I dont know what to do…’ I wish i could change the way i feel. I need ..someone.

3 thoughts on “Keeping Holding On.

  1. Ai'jona Perry says:

    Hey My name is Ai’jona perry im really sorry that your feeling that sort of way you said you needed someone hey ill be the one you can talk to as sometimes i even feel kind of down and sometimes a journal or diary is that comforting if you would like you can email me or text me at 6783728043

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry. Life is such a beautiful gift, and I wish you were enjoying it. There are so many reasons to live. These problems that you have? They will pass eventually because nothing is permanent. Think about those who love you. What will they think when you are gone, taken away from their life? Think about the future. Have a little bit of hope. I do not know you, but you are beautiful and perfect and you do not deserve this pain. Scream in a pillow. Write in a diary. Eat Chocolate ice cream. Please do not cut you are lovely and you do not need this.

  3. Em says:

    I hear you… I had a best friend who thought the same way you did and I did everything I could to help them… due to some stupid life decisions I made, we no longer speak, but he expressed how much he appreciated everything I did for him — and all that happened cuz I made him open up to me, he had never opened up to anyone as much as he had to me, and thus I was able to help him as much as I could… all you need to do is talk to someone, let someone in… if you want to talk to me, just reply in a comment and I’ll give you my e–mail — just know you’re not alone, especially if you ask for help =]

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