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Posted by on 2012/11/20 under Uncategorized

My dad’s a drunk, My girlfriend won’t talk to me about problems we are having, I wish i was smart enough to solve all my problems but i never know what to do and I’m never sure with myself, i live with my mom in the country and i all my friends live in the city an hour and a half away, i feel lonely most of the time and i need someone to listen when no one will. I’m going to collage but i feel like most of this stuff is over my head. I feel like my girlfriend is hiding stuff from me and could possibly be cheating on me but she is so hard to read and won’t talk to me about anything that i am concerned with that i never know whats going on with her. Nothing i do in my life will live up to my dad’s expectations. I’m lost and confused which has left me with a anxious naught in my stomach that i can’t get rid of but writing this helped a little.

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